667 RSPS server running 667 client

Server features

Here are some more features that our server has to offer!

Custom Weapons

We got a lot of custom weapons like coloured whips, coloured d’bows, off hand weapons and way more!


Prestiging has a lot of features such as getting 2% drop chance extra on every prestige, prestige shop and titles!

Unique PVM bosses

We have about 30 bosses all working and having custom drops. this gives the economy an extra boost and keeps it running!


We have an active community of staff, players and developers to keep the server up and bring out an update every week!


Every weekend we have events such as drop party’s, double xp, trivia and hide and seek.  Feel free to request any events also!

Donor Areas

There are 2 donor areas 1 for donators and 1 for super donators and higher. in there areas you can train skilling and kill bosses without being interupted.

Screenshots of our server

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Donor items






Donor Zones


Custom Content


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